Making Sugar - How is Sugar Made?

If you ever wanted to know how sugar is made, then you have found your destination here. Find out how sugarcane and beet are manipulated and carefully processed into one of the most famous food ingredients of all time.



Sugarcane is plant from Asia which enabled us to change the way we consume food in a way no one expected. Here you can find out the entire history of this incredible plant, from its domestication in ancient Asia, spreading towards Europe and finally entire world.

Red Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet is one of the two plants that are today used in worldwide production of sugar. From its appearance in early 19th century, beet managed to become very viable alternative to sugarcane.

Sugar ingredients

How Sugar is Made?

Production of sugar from sugarcane and sugar beet is an interesting process that has managed to change the way we consume food. Here you can find out all about it.

White Sugar Substitute

Sugar Substitutes

As the most popular food ingredient on planet, sugar has created big craving for sweet products that cannot always be achieved with this simple substance. For that purpose, chemists have devised countless sugar substitutes that are used in many popular food products today.

Sugar Making