Sugar Health Risks

Even though billions of people are taking sugar on a daily basis, some of them experienced firsthand its risks. Moderate use of sugar can indeed provide many benefits to pur metabolism, but as many scientific studies tried to prove, large intake or sugars can provide many negative health effects. It’s important to note that many of the following examples are not 100% proven by scientist, and that they will have much work ahead of them. The biggest problem for them is establishing a large enough pool of people who don’t use sugar on regular basis, and without such important pool of people all of their work can be validated.

Energy and productivity – Sugars are good for short term boost of energy, but on the long term our bodies can easily cope with other forms of food that gives us power. Sugars make us fast and explosive, and because of that our bodies are strained and left exhausted after initial rush of sugar power lefts our system. If you want truly to condition yourself for longer work hours, don’t rely too much on Sugar and its large insulin boosts.

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Feeling subtle foot taste – Sugars are usually present in various snacks in big quantities, dominating you mouth with its taste and not letting you appreciate various other ingredients of your food. If you remove sugar from your food, your senses will need a little time to accustom themselves, but soon, subtle tastes that were previously buries will suddenly become apparent to you.

Better diet control – If you need to control your body weight, eliminating sugar is of the first things you need to do. In the first few weeks your body will crave for it, but after that, you will be ready to start living healthier life with diets that are better suited for you and your lifestyle.

Infections – Several yeast infections that can inflict us are fueled directly by sugar, and if we remove sugar from our metabolism those illnesses will take a sudden turn towards healing. If you are suffering from Candida, go to your doctor witness that he will describe you the same path toward health.

Diabetes – Although diabetes is a genetic condition, use of unhealthy food, fats and sugars can decrease ability of pancreas and liver to keep us healthy. Large intake of sweets can disturb already inefficient work of pancreas, leading to the increase of body mass, blood and heart diseases and off-course liver disease.

Obesity – High intake of sweets in both food and liquid form can cause obesity in young children. It’s very important for them to eat healthy, so you always need to discourage them when they eat a lot of sugar.

Tooth decay – Above average presence of sugar in the mouth can cause development of tooth decay.

Mood swings – Our body creates natural hormone called serotonin which manages our moods, and sugar intake can change those moods significantly, sending the levels of serotonin through the roof. After the initial sugar rush has passed, those levels can fell to dangerously low levels, sending us to the depression.

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